September 2, 2018


Many people love open floor plan for their living rooms as they get a large continuous space to decorate. Also, such a floor plan allows them to throw parties for a large number of friends. However, even with an open floor plan, you need to have some privacy for your dining area. Here are some brilliant ways in which you can designate an area for dining without having visible barriers.

Create dining area using ceiling treatment

Ceiling treatments that are decorative in nature can help in designating your dining area. You can create zones in your living area by decorating ceiling through different shades of paint or geometric patterns. Your area remains continuous without any boundaries, but you can create visual boundaries in this fashion.

Wooden panel for division

Dividing the living room is easily achieved with the help of a wooden panel. This kind of division, even though it is physical, remains portable to be removed at any time. If you use a panel with shelves, you even get extra space for decoration.

Colour coding on walls

You can apply color theory to designate areas in your open floor living room as dining room and bed room. Make sure that you use contrasting color schemes to give the impression of two different areas in the living room. A common base color, either white or a neutral shade, can be used to give the impression of continuation.

Create partition using sheer curtains

Sheer curtains are lightweight and free flowing to create a natural partition in your open floor living room. You can draw the curtains to create dining and sitting areas and move them whenever you need a continuous large living space.

Open shelving is also a good idea

If flow or continuation is your primary concern, you can easily achieve your goal of partition with the help of open shelving. You can go for traditional wooden shelves or choose metallic shelves that are not only practical but also look very stylish. This kind of freely standing shelving system looks bright with overhead lighting and even becomes a centre of attraction for the guests.

Rearrange furniture items

This is a very creative way of creating an illusion of partition in your open floor living room. It is possible to create separate zones in the room by grouping of your furniture items. For example, a cluster of dining furniture in one area easily creates the dining room for you.

Foldout Screen

You may consider using a foldout privacy screen for your room divider. Although you might have seen it being used in changing areas or bedrooms to make more space, yet you can also use it in your living room to make more vintage-inspired charm into the living room.

These interesting ideas will make your living room look trendy and well decorated. And it will definitely leave you with a fair share of privacy that you need.