October 16, 2018


Whether you’re looking for a way to add value to your property or simply desire a change, refurbishing the bathroom is one of the simplest yet most effective ways. Alongside popular options like freestanding tubs and gold-like fixtures, consider using the latest shower trends to give your bathroom an upgrade.

1. Go for monochrome ambiance

Having black and white walls in your shower can add a dramatic impact on the interiors besides looking classic. The monochromatic look is one of the most popular shower trends where the floor and the walls of the shower are kept black, white and different shades of grey. The best way to achieve a mesmerizing monochromatic look is to add more light fixtures and to allow natural light into your bathroom

2. Class with glass

2018 bathroom textured tile 1024x652

One shower trend these days is to have large open space enclosed not by traditional doors but only glass panels that give your shower a very natural look. You have privacy in the form of glass partition while it also prevents water from entering other areas of your bathroom. These glass panels also give a modern and sleek look to the bathroom.

3. Metallic beauty

Give a rustic décor to your bathroom by making use of raw metal. It can be achieved by using copper and other metals on the shower wall. You can create a luxurious look by adding wooden rails to this metallic shower wall.

4. Add some geometry

Shower walls can be decorated with tiles to add some geometry to your bathroom. There are many interesting shapes of tiles to get away from the traditional cubic tiles. With different colors, these unusual shapes can give a very interesting and artistic feel to your bathroom.

5. Extra large tiles

This is a new and exciting trend for shower walls being used across the country. Oversized tiles not only give a streamlined look but also have very few grout lines to be cleaned easily. Choosing neutral colors of these large tiles gives a fresh and airy look to your bathroom.

6. Harmony with nature

Using wood for your shower walls makes your bathroom look very natural. Imagine green houseplants hanging on the walls adorned with mahogany or teak wood to give the look and feel of a tropical forest to your guests. Make sure that you choose tiles for your shower walls in green color to achieve this jungle look for your bathroom.

Rustic bathroom in stone and wood with a snug corner bench

Whether you prefer the luxurious minimalism of a monochromatic wet room or quirky individual tiles, these fresh ideas offer plenty of variety to choose from. If you’re confused but want something trendy, go with sleek glass walls for a classic look.