August 18, 2018

Visa options for Real Estate Investors in Dubai

There are many visa options to individuals who are desirous of investing in Dubai real estate.

Different people are eligible for different visa types

If you submit the documents asked by the authorities in Dubai Land Department and also pay the required fees, you become eligible for a 2-year visa as a foreign real estate investor. Once you get this visa, you can bring in your family members to Dubai though you are required to pay additional fees for them. This visa can be renewed upon expiry.

What you need to get this visa

There are some requirements that need to be met by a real estate investor to be eligible for this visa.

  • The lower limit of investment for this visa is AED 1 million
  • Investor needs to get the property in his name whether it is a villa or an apartment. Dubai Land Department must issue title of this property.
  • It must be a freehold Dubai property.
  • Investor buying several properties is also eligible for this visa provided the combined value of his properties is AED 1 million.
  • Property can be jointly held by spouses. Visa under such cases will be issued only if marriage certificate has been submitted by the couple.
  • Visa issued under this scheme can be renewed after a period of 2 years.

Documents needed to get this visa

Apply for this visa after carefully reading document requirements. To avoid delays in getting this visa, it is advisable to keep all your documentation ready when applying. The following is a list of documents required by a foreign real estate investor for getting this visa in Dubai.

  • Photo copy of the title deed of the property that you have purchased in Dubai
  • Your photos and copy of passport
  • Certificate of clearance from Dubai Police and no objection certificate form Dubai Land Department
  • Marriage certificate (if property is jointly held)
  • No objection certificate from the lender is mortgage is required
  • Certificate of health insurance for the investor and his dependents

If you are interested in getting this visa, you should go through a comprehensive guide containing all details issued by DLD. This guide has been designed to help and educate real estate investors who wish to apply for a Dubai visa. You can learn everything about the laws and the procedure of applying for this visa by going through this guide.