Houses for Sale in Dubai

Houses for Sale in Dubai

Looking to put down some roots in Dubai? Or searching for new spaces to grow into?

As rent is one of the major expenses for a Dubai resident, perhaps it is time to buy property in Dubai.

Explore homes which are within your reach with the help of our website.

When working with an agent ask questions about location, proximity to work, schools and other infrastructure should be considered before targeting specific areas in your search. From there, the question of what to buy, as well as size and pricing, will be critical.

When it comes to knowing the right time to buy, those who are following the market should note that the prices between similar properties have now largely aligned.

Viewing a number of properties will provide a greater sense of what is available in the market and what suits your needs.

If applying for mortgage you will need to be a resident in the country with a current valid visa with a minimum of six months. Most banks currently offer a loan-to-value of up to 75 percent of the purchase price.