Bait Al Aseel at Akoya Oxygen

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Location:Akoya Oxygen

Presenting Bait Al Aseel, meaning ‘authentic house’ in Arabic, homage to the traditional Middle Eastern home where you’ll get a feel of classic Arabian charm – skilfully fused with modern comforts. Beautifully transported into the 21st century with a luxurious build and world-class amenities, Bait Al Aseel villas are everything you’d expect – and more.

Available in three-bedroom arrangements, Bait Al Aseel villas have abundant room including the unique, multi-use lower ground floor. It’s the ideal space to have your own private gymnasium, a home theatre, majlis or simply a restful retreat – the choice is yours!


Bait Al Aseel Payment Plan

DescriptionPercentMilestone EventMilestone Event Arabic
DEPOSIT 14.00 Immediate فورا
2ND INSTALMENT 10.00 Within 180 Days of Sale Date خلال 180 يوما من تاريخ البيع
3RD INSTALMENT 10.00 Within 300 days of Sale Date خلال 300 يوما من تاريخ البيع
4TH INSTALMENT 10.00 Within 540 days of Sale Date خلال 540 يوما من تاريخ البيع
5TH INSTALMENT 10.00 Within 720 days of Sale Date خلال 720 يوما من تاريخ البيع
6TH INSTALMENT 10.00 Within 900 days of Sale Date خلال 900 يوما من تاريخ البيع
7TH INSTALMENT 10.00 Within 1080 days of Sale Date خلال 1080 يوما من تاريخ البيع
8TH INSTALMENT 10.00 Within 1260 days of Sale Date خلال 1260 يوما من تاريخ البيع
9TH INSTALMENT 10.00 Within 1440 days of Sale Date خلال 1440 يوما من تاريخ البيعع
10TH INSTALMENT 10.00 On Completion عند الاكمال

All Features


Community Hall

Day Care Center


Retail Centre

Swimming Pool

Kids Pool



Shopping Mall

Tennis Courts


Payment Plan

# Milestone Payment(%)
1st Immediate 14%
2nd Within 120 days of Sale Date 10%
3rd Within 300 days of Sale Date 10%
4th Within 450 days of sale date 10%
5th Within 600 Days of Sale Date 10%
6th Within 810 days of Sale Date 10%
7th Within 990 days of Sale Date 10%
8th Within 1170 days of Sale Date 10%
9th Within 1410 Days of Sale Date 10%
10th On Completion 10%

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